Arizona Balfour
  • Freaker Socks


    Freaker socks are made from 70% combed cotton to keep your feet nice and cozy, 25% nylon so they'll last you a long time and 5% spandex for some stretchy wiggle room.  From the knitting to the packaging, every step of the Freaker sock-making process is done right here in the USA.

    Class of 2019

    Put your pride where your feet are!  Fashionably show the world how proud you are to be a part of the Class of 2019 with these wavy sea green, teal and light blue Freaker socks.

    I Love Band

    As if your friends and family don't already know, say to them and the rest of the world, in no uncertain terms, "I LOVE BAND" with these ultra soft Freaker socks.

    GOAT 2019

    The class of 2019 may just hold the title for Greatest of All Time.  There's only one way to live up to that moniker, and that's by rocking these crazy awesome socks featuring GOAT, trophies and 100 emojis.


    Two Thousand Nineteen Socks

    The year 2019 is yours.  Own it!  Take on the world with a pair of power socks that spell out your year in no uncertain terms.

    I'm Done 2019

    You've been waiting a long time to walk that stage, and in 2019 it finally happens. There's not much more you can say than "I'm done!"  Slip on these socks and keep that cynical, sarcastic style going long after you've graduated.

    These Feet

    Whether you take "These feet are going places" literally or figuratively, make a statement with these adventurous white, blue and orange Freaker socks.